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FIAD welcomes study confirming wide availability and circulation of non-national AV productions

FIAD alongside organisations, representing key stakeholders in the film and audiovisual creation, production and distribution value chain welcome the findings of the latest European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO) study on the “Circulation of European films on VOD and in cinemas” complementing the EAO’s Yearbook 2021/2022 Key Trends.

The EAO data collection confirms a wide, market-driven evolution in the growing availability and circulation of European film titles in cinemas and online, and further highlights the interlinked and interdependent creative and business interests in the film and audiovisual value chain.

The following EAO findings are particularly relevant:

• European audiences have access to over 8 500 European films on VOD in their countries on average. Of these, 82% (~7000) originate in other European countries. This confirms that the increase in European non-national online distribution services operating outside their country of establishment in the EU-27 has now reached a point where any potential demand for European non-national titles is well-met through the diversity of titles and services on offer in-territory.

• VOD roll-out increased by 71% the availability of European non-national films. Of these, 63% of films were available in more than 10 countries on VOD, 31% in 3 to 9 countries, and only 6% were available in 1 or 2 countries.

• 60% of all EU content available on TVOD services is EU non-national. For SVOD services, the share of EU non-national content among all EU content is 76%.

The surge in the circulation and availability of European non-national audiovisual productions is the direct result of an interdependent and intertwined European AV sector eco-system which relies on exclusive territorial licensing to ensure sustainable financing, tailored promotion and distribution of AV content through all off-line and online distribution channels. This system guarantees diversity of content produced and diversity of distribution opportunities and price points offered to European consumers.

This positive market development has materialized thanks to the current EU legal framework whereby audiovisual content services are outside the scope of the EU Geo-blocking Regulation. The EU legal framework thus remains fit for purpose and EU legislators should refrain from undermining the very fundamentals that have allowed for this growth in availability and circulation to the benefit of European consumers and of a sustainable audiovisual sector in Europe going forward.

Find the full statement here and the study here.



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