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The Teachers' Lounge Wins the 2024 LUX Audience Award

At the European Parliament in the heart of the European institutions, the FIAD Secretariat joined Members of the European Parliament, film industry leaders, and cinema enthusiasts from across Europe gathered to celebrate the winner of the 2024 LUX Audience Award.

"The Teachers' Lounge" by İlker Çatak was this year's winner, amidst strong competition from other nominees "20,000 Species of Bees," "Fallen Leaves," "On the Adamant," and "Smoke Sauna Sisterhood." During the ceremony, each film was praised not only for its artistic merit but also for its ability to foster a deeper understanding of the diverse societal issues facing Europe today.

The timing of the 2024 LUX Audience Award is especially impactful. Coming in an election year, the award underscores the importance of cultural participation and its intrinsic connection to a thriving democracy. The films nominated this year reflect the richness of European culture and stimulate discourse on political themes that are vital during such a crucial electoral period.

Rooted in traditions established by the original LUX Prize of the European Parliament in 2007 and the European Film Academy's People’s Choice Award of 1997, the LUX Audience Award continues during the election year its mission to showcase and elevate the power of European films.

As the ceremony concluded, the link between the cinematic arts and the democratic process was more apparent than ever. By engaging with these films, European audiences are invited to reflect on and discuss topics that are pivotal to the future of their communities and the broader European Union. The LUX Audience Award thus stands as a beacon of democratic engagement, highlighting how film can serve as a powerful conduit for political and social discourse in an election year.

FIAD acknowledges the vital role of distributors throughout Europe who make it possible for these important films to reach a wide audience. Their commitment is key for cultural dialogue and understanding across Europe.


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