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The International Federation of Film Distributors’ and Publishers' Associations (FIAD) gathers national organisations of film distribution companies. Film distributors are the intermediates between film producers and cinema exhibitors and cover the entire range of companies: small and medium-sized companies specialized in art house films, as well as larger companies focused on mainstream films. FIAD's members operate in 14 countries where they cover 90 to 100 percent of the theatrical market.


Film distributors' main activity is the release of cinematographic works in cinemas. Distributors give films the profile they deserve with the release in the first - theatrical - window of rights exploitation. Depending upon the contracts they have with the producers, the distributors may have rights for part or all of the following markets: cinemas, physical video, video on demand, television (free or pay television) and internet (streaming).


FIAD was founded to represent the interest of distributors and provide them with a voice at the European and global stage. The activities include helping to formulate policies, provide information on policies and distribution activities and coordinate political action when necessary.  FIAD has established itself as a recognized stakeholder in policy debates and is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the European Audiovisual Observatory and holds observer status with the World Intellectual Property Organisation in Geneva, and the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.


FIAD's members operate in 14 countries where they cover 90 to 100 percent of the theatrical market. You can find the individual members here on the Member page.


Film distributors understand the importance of acting collectively to promote their interests and values at the European and international level. They recognise that discussing and exchanging their experiences can help support and strengthen the distribution sector and the film economy as a whole. Through FIAD, national associations are brought together to:

FIAD plays an important role in European and international policy development in areas related to the audiovisual industry. The aim is to liaise and work with all the different stakeholders and policymakers in order to promote better understanding of the distribution sector. FIAD advocates the crucial role distributors play in the well-being of the whole film economy.


FIAD is active in the following areas:


  • Copyright legislation

  • Anti piracy and enforcement of IPR legislation

  • Digital developments

  • Private and public sector film financing mechanisms

  • Trade-related issues


You can find FIAD’s position on many of these issues on Positions.

Represent film distributors at the European and international level to protect their interests and develop amongst policymakers and stakeholders a greater understanding of the sector.​

Enhance the exchange of information and best practice amongst film distributors.

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