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Close wins the 2023 LUX Audience Award Film Prize

At the European Parliament in the heart of Brussels Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the film sector in Europe and members of the public from across Europe came together to celebrate the winner of the 2023 LUX Audience Award Film.

Close by Lukas Dhont was declared the winner of the prestigious LUX Audience Award 2023. It was one of five nominees for the award and the the other four films were Alcarràs, Burning Days, Triangle of Sadness and Will-o’-the-Wisp.

MEP Roberta Metsola - President of the European Parliament - opened the ceremony recalling how cultural participation is intrinsically linked to a thriving democracy and how the LUX Award seeks to promote a dialogue on political themes that the nominated films address.

MEP Evelyn Regner - Vice President of the European Parliament - echoed President Metsola's remarks and emphasized how the films nominated for the LUX Award reflect Europe's cultural diversity and that this richness across Europe must be preserved.

Finishing the interventions from elected members of the European Parliament, MEP Sabine Verheyen - Chair of the CULT Committee - reminded the attendees that Europeans are returning to cinemas in strong numbers to watch diverse films and freedom of expression in films must be protected from those who seek to close debate.

The LUX Audience Award is built on the former LUX Prize, which the European Parliament established in 2007, and on the European Film Academy's People’s Choice Award, which was introduced in 1997. The nominated films raise awareness about current social and political issues, engage audiences in debates about Europe in a way that really speaks to them and reflect the beauty and diversity of European cinema.

The award continues to build cultural bridges across Europe by shedding light on films that cut to the heart of public debate in Europe.

The award aims to strengthen ties between politics and the people by inviting European audiences to become active protagonists and rate one or more of the nominated films. The aim is to get audiences engaged in debates about Europe through inspiring European films.


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