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FIAD and UNIC host a successful screening of Alma Viva

FIAD and UNIC hosted a screening of the award winning film Alma Viva in the heart of Brussels on 20 March. The screening was well attended by officials working for the European Union institutions, representatives of the EU Member State governments and those representing trade associations in the film and audiovisual sector. Robert Heslop - Secretary General of FIAD - and Laura Houlgatte - CEO of UNIC - gave a speech to introduce the film and tell the participants that there is a wealth of European films available to audiences in Belgium thanks to the diversity of film distributors and cinemas showcasing European stories. Robert emphasized that cinema ticket sales represents the lion’s share of revenue for film distributors releasing European films so encouraged the attendees to go to the cinema to enjoy European film talent and benefit from the wide offer available in Belgium. Alma Viva is coming to the Big Screen soon in Belgium. Find out where you can watch it in your local cinemas here!


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