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Film Distributors take note of the adoption of the Copyright Directive, but warn about the consequen

Today the European Parliament formally approved the Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market aiming to modernise the copyright framework.

FIAD welcomes the efforts made by the European Institutions to introduce more responsibility for online content sharing platforms in order to restore a dysfunctional digital ecosystem. These efforts have been made against relentless opposition and misleading claims over the past two years by ardent anti-copyright campaigners and the vested interests of internet giants.

Despite all the hard work, the agreed compromise in the adopted text leaves open many legal questions and undermines our existing rights and current enforcement safeguards to protect our intellectual property rights.

Film distributors are ready to work constructively with policy makers on the implementation phase of the Directive at national level.

Besides, we remain committed to remunerate authors and performers adequately. However, it will be essential for Member States to find solutions which are reflecting of the particularities of the various sectors and retain flexibility. These solutions should not create unreasonable burdens, and serious disincentives, on those who invest daily in the creation and distribution of European films and audiovisual works.

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