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FIAD General Assembly 2024: Key Discussions and Decisions at Cannes

The 2024 FIAD General Assembly brought together FIAD members from across Europe to discuss key initiatives, review past activities, and plan for the future.

A significant agenda item was the election of the FIAD Board Members. The FIAD Secretariat is pleased to announce the FIAD Board was elected on a unanimous vote:

- FAMA, Austria – represented by Ms. Monique Goeschl

- Film Matters, Belgium – represented by Mr. Alain De Greef (Treasurer)

- FNEF (full name please), France – represented by Mr. Victor Hadida (President)

- All Screens, Germany – Represented by Mr. Peter Schauerte

- Fedicine, Spain – Represented by Ms. Estela Artacho

- FDA (Film Distributors’ Association) Represented by Mr. Andy Leyshon

The assembly focused on preparing FIAD to welcome the newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), after the June elections . Members provided valuable feedback on the Draft FIAD Manifesto, designed to raise awareness of FIAD, influence policy-making, and foster dialogue with newly elected MEPs following the European Parliament elections in June 2024.

FIAD members also reviewed and discussed FIAD's achievements over the past year, highlighting the significant victory in the 2023 Parliament adoption of the  'Implementation of the 2018 Geoblocking Regulation in the Digital Single Market' INI report, where FIAD was recognized as a key actor. This success underscored FIAD's crucial role in shaping policies affecting the film distribution sector across Europe.

Additionally, the assembly included a forward-looking discussion on the use of AI tools in the film distribution sector. FIAD members explored potential ways AI can be leveraged to create efficiencies, improve marketing, develop tailored promotion campaigns, and support dubbing and subtitling.

The FIAD Secretariat extends its gratitude to all members for their productive and engaging participation. This General Assembly showcased the collaborative efforts of FIAD members as we navigate the evolving landscape of the film and audiovisual industry together.


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