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Strong voice for film distribution at the European Audiovisual Observatory's Conference on Theatrical Exploitation

During the 77th edition of the Festival of Cannes, the FIAD Secretariat attended the European Audiovisual Observatory's conference titled "The Future Role of Theatrical Exploitation in Europe. Navigating Change: Challenges and Opportunities in European Film Distribution and Exhibition."

FIAD thanks and congratulates Katarina Nyman, Director of Film Distribution at Nordisk Film Finland and representative of the Finnish Chamber of Films, a FIAD member, for her insightful participation as a speaker on the panel.

Katarina shared her first-hand experience on the importance of theatrical distribution and the crucial role film distributors perform in the film value chain. Her contributions underscored how a strong theatrical distribution sector is vital for the economic, cultural, and social vitality of the European film industry.

Katarina recalled the importance of instilling in young people a cinema-going habit and explained how distributing family films – including national productions - play an important part in the equation.

When asked what policy is required to support film distributors Katarina echoed clear FIAD policy ambitions:

1) Tackle online piracy: Katarina recalled that online piracy and the growing trend of IPTV is increasingly controlled by criminal gangs who “do not respect national borders…and we need European legislation to tackle this issue”.

2) Maintain a strong Creative Europe MEDIA Strand: Recognising the cultural value of supporting distributors who take the financial risk to acquire and promote non-national films.

There was a clear consensus on the panel on the importance of theatrical distribution as a key pillar of the film-ecosystem in Europe, from an economic, cultural and societal standpoint. There was also a recognition that national support schemes have focused too much on production and a shift towards distribution would support films “connecting to the audience”.

The FIAD Secretariat was glad for the opportunity to participate in such a forward-looking event and values the rich dialogue and exchange of ideas it fostered.


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