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MEPs discuss the key elements to include in the CULT Committee's Report on the AVMSD

At the European Parliament's Culture and Education Committee (CULT) leading Members of the Parliament exchanged views on MEP Kammerevert's (DE, S&D) draft Report on the implementation of the AVMSD.

In her opening remarks MEP Kammerevert emphasised that Ireland being the last Member State to not yet transpose the Directive affects the ability to assess fully the impact of the AVMSD, particularly in regard to video sharing platforms.

MEP Frankowski (PL, EPP) spoke on behalf of the EPP's Shadow Rapporteur MEP Verheyen (DE) and recalled the importance of the prominence obligation outlined in Article 13.1 of the AVMSD and how steps should be taken to ensure better discoverability of European Works. In a later intervention MEP Frankowski told the audience of policy makers that the method to calculate the 30% quota of European Works should follow the recommendation set out by the European Commission in its Guidelines so as to not "penalize films."

Speaking after the CULT Exchange Robert Heslop - Secretary General of FIAD - said in a statement: "FIAD endorses these policy aspirations for the AVMSD Report laid out by MEP Frankowski on behalf of MEP Verheyen. Securing prominence for European Works is an integral aspect of the AVMSD and one deserving of attention in this Report. We also agree that the method of calculating the 30% quota must not penalize films. If the calculation for the quota would be based on duration there is a risk that the media service providers of on demand audiovisual media services would easily fill the quota with episodes of TV series to the detriment of culturally diverse European films."

MEP Kammerevert concluded the exchange between the Members of the European Parliament by stressing that this Report will focus on the implementation of the AMVSD and not other unrelated policy aspects of the film and audiovisual sector.


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