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Alina Popescu joins FIAD as new policy advisor

Alina Popescu is FIAD’s new policy advisor. Alina joins FIAD after having worked for the Copyright Unit of the European Commission in DG CONNECT.

Her previous experiences are an ideal foundation for her work as a policy advisor. She is originally from Romania and she holds a BA degree in Law from the University of Bucharest and an LLM degree in Corporate and Commercial Law from Maastricht University. After graduating, Alina moved to Brussels and began her career in public affairs, specialising in intellectual property law. Thanks to previous positions, she has a broad range of experience dealing with audiovisual, copyright, publishing and telecommunication issues as well as other topics affecting the media industry.

Before joining FIAD, Alina worked as legal advisor to the European Magazine Media Association. In 2015 she worked on AV policy at the public affairs company Europe Analytica and then, with the international cable operator Liberty Global before joining the Copyright Unit of the European Commission.

Having worked for both the private and public sectors, she gained insight into the topics and used her legal expertise from various angles. Alina is delighted to be working for FIAD as policy advisor and looks forward to working with its members in this challenging and exciting time.

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