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Creative Europe MEDIA: 2022 call for Films on the Move (formerly Selective) has been launched

The European Commission has launched the 2022 call for Films on the Move. Please find the link to the call here. The deadlines for the call are 15 March and 5 July.

Objective of Films on the Move:

The Films on the Move action shall encourage and support the wider distribution of recent non-national European films by encouraging sales agents and theatrical distributors in particular to invest in promotion and adequate distribution of non- national European films.

Expected Results:

  • Development of pan-European theatrical and/or online distribution strategies for non-national European films.

  • Increased investment in theatrical and/or online promotion and distribution of non-national European films in view of expanding audience reach.

  • Develop links between the production and distribution sector thus improving the competitive position of non-national European films on a global market.

Description of the activities to be funded under the call for proposals:

  • The activities to be funded are campaigns for the pan-European theatrical and/or online distribution of eligible European films, coordinated by the sales agent of the film.

  • Applications should present adequate strategies to ensure more sustainable and more environmentally-respectful industry and to ensure gender balance, inclusion, diversity and representativeness.


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