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FIAD congratulates MEP Sabine Verheyen on being re-elected Chair of the CULT Committee

FIAD welcomes the news that MEP Sabine Verheyen (DE, CDU) has been re-elected as Chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) to 2024.

Sabine Verheyen has been a long standing ally and defender of European film distributors, advocating for stronger measures to tackle online piracy, defending the preservation of territorial exclusivity and calling for a properly funded Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

During the COVID-19 pandemic MEP Verheyen has been vocal in calling on the European Institutions and the Member States to take into account the needs of the Cultural and Creative sector when devising and implementing the Recovery and Resilience Plans.

Robert Heslop - Secretary General of FIAD - had this to say on MEP Verheyen's re-election:

"I whole heartedly congratulate MEP Verheyen on her re-election as Chair of the CULT Committee. MEP Verheyen understands the important role film distributors play in Europe's film ecosystem and she has always promoted policies that enable film distributors to thrive and bring culturally diverse films to audiences across Europe."


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