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FIAD Secretariat participates in NVPI's Annual Meeting

On Thursday 30 June, the FIAD Secretariat was invited to the Annual Meeting of NVPI, the Dutch trade association for the entertainment industry. Secretary General of FIAD Robert Heslop, alongside FIAD Policy Advisor Emanuele Grassia, had the opportunity to engage with NVPI members and share insights into FIAD’s strategic goals and policy ambitions at the EU level.

The gathering served as an ideal platform for discussing the evolving landscape of film distribution, particularly in the context of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). NVPI members expressed a keen interest in exploring how AI tools could be harnessed to innovate and streamline their operations, from audience targeting and content personalization to optimizing distribution logistics.

Key Takeaways from the Meeting:

  1. FIAD’s Policy Ambitions: FIAD presentation outlined the association's ongoing efforts to advocate for the film distribution sector within the European Union. FIAD’s work includes lobbying for policies that support the cultural diversity and economic viability of film distribution across Europe.

  2. AI in Film Distribution: A significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to exploring the potential of AI in the film distribution sector. NVPI members shared their perspectives on AI's capabilities, ranging from enhancing audience engagement through predictive analytics to automating routine tasks such as dubbing and subtitling. The discussion also touched on the challenges and ethical considerations surrounding AI, particularly regarding the protection of copyright.

  3. Snapshot of AI Discussions in Brussels: The conversation also provided a snapshot of the broader dialogue on AI happening in Brussels. The home of the EU instiutions has been abuzz with discussions on how to regulate AI technologies, balancing innovation with safeguards. FIAD presentation offered insights into these regulatory debates, highlighting how upcoming EU policies could shape the future use of AI in film distribution.

The NVPI Annual Meeting underscored the importance of continued dialogue between FIAD and its member associations. Such engagements not only foster a deeper understanding of regional market dynamics but also strengthen the collective voice of film distributors across Europe in advocating for supportive policies at the EU level.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the NVPI team for their warm hospitality and for facilitating such a productive exchange.

Tot de volgende keer! (Until next time!)


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