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FIAD shares views on key European Parliament Report with Cineuropa

Cineuropa - a leading news media outlet in the audiovisual and film sector - has published a news story reporting how FIAD, Europa Distribution and the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) view the recently adopted European Parliament Report "Europe's Media in the Digital Age."

Find the news story on Cineuropa's website here and a section of it below:

"UNIC, FIAD and Europa Distribution also approved MAAP’s emphasis on diversity and territorial exclusivity, the latter being considered vital to guarantee the film and audiovisual sectors’ “creativity, financing, freedom and long-term sustainability”. In the last part of their communiqué, the three organisations praised their members’ resilience during the health crisis – especially when they received little support – but also stated their commitment to sharing their expertise: “We are happy to share input about how cinemas and distributors work to increase the circulation of works in the EU and increase access to works. On the latter, we believe that discoverability tools (focusing not only on titles, but also on services), film literacy and support for the promotion of works are essential. There are a lot of best-case practices out there, but in order to be implemented more widely, it does require funding.”


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