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FIAD welcomes Council Conclusions reiterating importance of territoriality exclusivity

With the European film sector and film distributors still reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic the importance of preserving a key pillar of the film sector - the ability to conduct licensing and distribution agreements on the basis of territorial exclusivity has never been more important.

Hence FIAD is glad to see the Member States of the European Union in these Council Conclusions recognise the importance of territorial exclusivity for the European audiovisual sector. It is also very encouraging to see the Conclusions recall the important role of film distributors in the value chain.

Please see the relevant extracts from the Conclusions below:

There is an urgent need to:

recognise that existing business models in the audiovisual sector are often based on territorial and exclusive allocation of licensing, remain essential for creativity freedom, financing, sustainability and provide the basis for the development of new business models in this sector

All segments of the value chain should benefit from the transformation of the media sector, which is the objective of the Action Plan, including cinemas and festivals, which are cultural and innovation hubs offering enhanced opportunities for social interaction and for the promotion of new audiovisual content. It is also essential to reinforce the role of distribution.

Invites the Commission and the Member States, within their areas of competence and in due compliance with the principle of subsidiarity to:

Engage in a dialogue with the audiovisual industry, involving national authorities, to take concrete steps to promote wider access to and availability of content within the internal market, in accordance with copyright rules, and to help the European audiovisual sector to reach new audiences and offer consumers a wide range of content, while promoting the sector’s competitiveness and fair remuneration and taking into account the role played by the territorial and exclusive allocation of licensing rights in the financing of the audiovisual sector and film industry.

Find the Conclusions in full here.


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