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FIAD welcomes Court of Justice judgement on Article 17 of the Copyright Directive

Today the Court of Justice of the European Union dismissed the challenge brought by Poland against Article 17 of the Copyright Directive.

FIAD's Secretary General, Robert Heslop, said in a statement after the judgement: “FIAD welcomes the Court’s decision to dismiss the action brought by Poland. The court has ruled that Article 17 of the Copyright Directive has appropriate safeguards to ensure the respect for the right to freedom of expression and information of the users of those services, and a fair balance between that right, on the one hand, and the right to intellectual property. FIAD calls on those Member States still to transpose the Copyright Directive to do so whilst respecting the scope and ambition of the Copyright Directive and Article 17 in particular."

Find the Court's press release announcing the judgement here.


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